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How to install a Joomla 3 quickstart package?

What is Joomla quickstart?

All our Joomla free templates which you can download from our website are available in special versions called Quickstart Joomla 3, which are full copies of demo pages.

Each quickstart package contains one of our templates + Joomla + all content, all modules, all components and configurations, and the same arrangement of modules as on the demo website.

A quickstart package is installed in the same way as a regular Joomla installation package.

Important! Every Joomla quickstart is installed separately as a new website! Don't try installing a quickstart package in an already working Joomla website using the built-in installer. It doesn't work that way.
To put it simply, a quickstart package is installed in the same way as Joomla

Joomla quickstart package installation instructions

After purchasing and downloading your selected quickstart package you can start installing it. As we wrote earlier, a quickstart package is installed in the same way as a default Joomla installation package. You can install a quickstart package online on your server, but there’s also a possibility to install it locally on your computer (JAMP, WAMP, XAMPP etc.).

Extracting a quickstart archive

First you need to extract the ZIP archive with your quickstart package. It's best to do it in the folder where you want to install your new website.
If you have extracted a quickstart package on your computer's hard drive and then you are going to send its contents to the server through FTP make sure that all folders and files have been sent without errors. If you come across any problems contact your hosting provider.

Quickstart installation

To start the installation procedure, you need to access a Joomla quickstart installer using a web browser.

On localhost the installer's address will look like this: http://localhost/yourwebsite/

After entering the address of your new website you will see a Joomla installer screen. Now you need to complete all stages of installation of Joomla with your quickstart package. The whole process is quick and simple.

Use the first installation screen for basic configuration of your new website. You have to type in your site name, site administrator's email address, administrator's username and password.

In the next installation screen you need to enter data for the MySQL database. Important! A MySQL database is usually created in the control panel of your hosting service (cPanel, Direct Admin etc.). If you don't know how to create a database for your new website in Joomla, ask your hosting provider for help in this matter.

I assume that you have already created a MySQL database. In the Database Configuration screen you need to provide: database name, MySQL user name and password for the database. The host name is usually localhost by default (you can ask your hosting service provider what the database host is). Table Prefix is randomly generated by the Joomla installer, so you don't need to type in a database table prefix.

In the third installer screen you will see an important element: options for installing sample data. Notice that sample data from our quickstart package are set by default. It means that after you have finished installing our Joomla quickstart package, you will get a page which is exactly the same as the demo page of the template with quickstart package that you purchased.

After a successful installation of sample data you will receive a message that your Joomla has been installed. Now you only have to delete the installation folder. That's all. You have your new website with our template, sample data and extensions which are exactly the same as in the demo page of the template. Now you can use them to create your own website in an instant.

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Compatible with Joomla 3.x

All our free templates are compatible with the latest Joomla CMS versions. Joomla is one of the most popular content management systems in the world. We have been working with Joomla for over 11 years. We enjoy it!

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All our Joomla templates are adapted for mobile devices. They work perfectly on all devices and screens of desktop computers, smartphones and tablets. They are based on the popular and reliable bootstrap 3.3.5 Framework. It’s the simplest way to build professional sites.

Ready quickstart packages

All our free templates are also available with additional ready Quickstart installation packages. Create your website quickly and easily. You'll save time and money! Each quickstart package contains one of our templates and everything you see on the demo page.

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With our templates you will quickly and easily create a professional website for your company, club, association or organization. Our templates are ready to be used in blogs, portfolios, product catalogues or photo galleries.

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If you like our free templates, you can purchase a ready quickstart installation package for a low price. Each quickstart package contains a configured template, sample content as well as installed and configured extensions and modules. Everything exactly the same as on the demo page of each template. Quickstart will enable you to save time and money!